Sellers Advice Please

I posted a listing and someone bought right before bed and I told the buyer I couldn’t stay awake and if I could deliver next day. I figured that would be good to be transparent. So promptly when I woke I notified buyer I was ready and 9 hours go by when they finally respond and I deliver promptly with their request.

After delivery I get a neutral review stating delivery took a while.

Mind you the listing was set for 3 day delivery and I felt given the circumstances I met all conditions of delivery as I delivered within 18 hours of purchase.

Is this just the way it is as a seller or should I attempt to get this looked at by support? What can/should I do as I hate having neutral/negative reviews.

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Unfortunately id just take it. I have like 8 or so neutrals to my ~1000 positives this way, due to my somewhat odd schedule.


I would just accept that the neutral/negatives are part and parcel of the process of selling on Gameflip. The platform for rating review seems quite imperfect - even in so far as the rater can’t edit their ratings nor can the person being rated comment on it to provide a viewable rebuttal.

I hate unjustified neutrals/negatives and tried referring them to admin/support with evidence to support that comments were from buyers who failed to read listings.

I pretty much got generic response No. 1 - "Gameflip support have reviewed your request and have closed the matter. Have a Gameflipific day :slight_smile: " They did not specifically say this but there was no discussion and it was a generic ticket closing message.

It is quite irksome when you think you’re doing your best to work with someone and they throw out a poor rating. Rise above it, the vast amount of positive ratings you will likely receive will soon outweigh them.

I’ve truly stopped caring about it. After I realized the audience I was reaching with my merchandise I understood there will be … those people.

I agree. The demographic we are selling too it’s tombe expected. It’s just a matter of how much can you fend off.