False negative rating.

I recently sold a code to a large know store on Gameflip (instant delivery) and the code was redeemed (checked on xbox.com) and they failed to accept the delivery for 3 days.
I contacted them 5 times over 3 days, politely to accept the delivery as I wished to leave a positive review.
They did not.
After waiting 3 days, I left a negative review stating my issues and that they had not accepted the delivery.

Recently checking my account, I saw an extremely unprofessional and uncalled for negative review on my account (which is relatively new) which I have been making the best effort to keep in the positives as I dont wish for people to be sent away due to my low reviews.

My invite code is: JRR76B and I have attached all messages, reviews and accounts on this thread. If a moderator would be so kinda as to remove this negative review as it is not fair and does not correlate to my service, codes and professionalism.

Best regards,

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You gave him a negative rating because he made you wait 3 days until the transaction autocompleted???
There has been a post here some time ago debating if giving a neutral rating on said cases would be wise. In said post most sellers agreed it would be unwise… And we were talking about neutral ratings, which is basically irrelevant. Now imagine giving a negative because of that!
Giving a negative because the buyer made you wait is definitely a good reason for receiving a bad rating as well, especially when the buyer is also a seller (because the bad rating will hurt him/her).
I recommend that you don’t do that again or you’ll - for certain - get another negative rating in return.
Waiting 3 days until the transaction autocompletes is (unfortunatelly) very common on Gameflip, so patience is required - otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time with most of the buyers.

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I always leave neutral usually, the main reason I did not was because:

  1. They were such a large seller they HAD to be online because I saw sales in those 3 days be completed.
  2. I contacted 5 times to please accept the delivery
  3. The code was in fact redeemed
  4. I’m also somewhat new, so I’m not sure exactly on how EVERYTHING works, just yet.

And also, if it seems to be such a bad thing to negatively rate a seller/buyer for this (which I will obviously no longer do due to the amount of difficulty I’m now having) isnt therefore even worse to negatively rate a seller for a rating you were not happy with? The code was instant, redeemed and a fair exchange.

You were pushing (or asking politely, doesn’t matter) buyer to rate you. Hi didn’t. What if he was on a trip and planed to use the code/card few days later? What if it was for a present and he needed to wait a specific date to give that present to someone, therefore he couldn’t test it himself and rate you… Okay, he redeemed it (so he got negative instead of neutral, which is also wrong way to treat buyers), but even redeemed codes can be revoked or whatever it’s called with cards. There are a lot of possible reasons for waiting and everyone has every right not to rate you or complete transaction, cuz it will be completed after three days anyway (still faster than any well known marketplaces around).

You have your money after all.

Instead, you pushed him to rate, left a negative rating. He has every right to express his opinion about the experience with you. It’s clearly negative.

I pushed for acceptance, and I saw he re-sold the code (as it was published the exact same day) and it was redeemed, I would always rate a buyer neutral for sometime like this because as you said, people can have busy lives, be on holidays etc etc, but this person WAS online and just simply didnt care enough to accept the delivery, which I find very disrespectful, especially from such a large store and therefore wished to show this in a negative rating, my code was fine, it was redeemed, they recieved it, my end was nothing but perfect and I have seen others leave the exact same negative review for this issue and the large store rate them positively, I did nothing WRONG as a seller and if they had issue with the review, then it is their responsibility to go to Gameflip and discuss it, not leave a negative rating on my profile for a completely fair and legitimate transaction.

Also, may I add, directly in the Gameflip guidelines, it is stated: “The Buyer has 3 days to complete and rate the Seller after the item is delivered. If the Buyer does not complete the transaction within 3 days, then the system will automatically finalize the transaction and give the Seller a good rating”
Why wasn’t I automatically given a positive rating? I know the buyer did not accept it as I watched the clock go down over the last hour, therefore no matter what, the negative is not meant to be there as Gameflip should have automatically given my profile a positive rating.

As I said, I also don’t support neutral reviews for any of reasons you mentioned. You got your money and you want your customers to buy again. It’s that simple. If they don’t complete the transaction - positive. If they complete it quickly - I’ll add a positive comment. That’s it.

I saw bunch of times my codes resold, so what? Money today, or money in three days. Not a big problem. As I said, that is quickest among similar sites known to me.

And yes, guidlines are dated.

Fair enough, but that’s varying opinions, and as I said, I’m new, if there was a way to change the review from negative to neutral, I would, I just want my negative review removed as Gameflip are meant to automatically rate my page with a positive review, and I’m a new seller trying to keep a good rating.

@DunnBiscuit, sorry for the tag.
Its been 24 hours, just looking for some assistance?
Highly appreciated.

Hey @darkknight, I see you’re online, any chance you could help?

Hello Holyguaka!

Taking a look are your case right now.

:trident: New forum moderators!

Thank you!

Hello Holyguaka!

I have checked your issue closely and I do not agree in removing your negative rating, since you had the same right to rate the buyer negative and the buyer was inside his rights.

Since we have a 3-day auto complete system, you do not have to worry regarding to the completion of the sale. You will only have to worry if there is an issue with your item and they open a dispute.

If you agree to removing the rating on the buyer’s side, I will remove the rating on your account.

So next time, please be careful and do not rate negative, if the buyer does not complete the order manually.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

I do agree to removing it on the buyer’s side too, however, I do not see how this is fair as in Gameflip’s Guidelines it is stated: “The Buyer has 3 days to complete and rate the Seller after the item is delivered. If the Buyer does not complete the transaction within 3 days, then the system will automatically finalize the transaction and give the Seller a good rating,” which was not done, however now enlightened, yes, I do wish to remove the negative from the buyer too. Regards


Hello Holyguaka!

I have verified the listing and it did complete in 3 days, with the automatic delivery.

Also, since you confirmed, we have removed the rating from the buyer and from your account.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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