Unfair poor rep.

This guy bought fire god from me then i delivered the item in less then one minute. (literally one minute). Later i checked my profile then i saw the bad rating. It’s my first poor rep and i didn’t deserved it.
My profile: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:607d3616-0c75-49a7-b85f-aeefcd9c5271/-online
Invite code : U61MUK

@DunnBiscuit or @Tali would be your best answer.
I agree @falm did deliver the item in the timeframe they said.
The buyer comment on the item 29 minutes ago (Falm reply instant too) and the item was bought 27 minutes ago. So yes it was delivered super fast.

I don’t understand why they would give you a bad rating without at least leaving a reason.
One of the moderators will fix this issue once they get on.

Lucy :heart:

Thanks for help Lucy :heart: And happy birthday !

You’re a ninja?
How did you know it maybe my birthday?
Well it’s not where I live because its still the 15th here but yes in 3 hours it will be the 16th aka my 32th birthday.

:sparkling_heart: Thank You :sparkling_heart:

Lucy :heart:

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You can submit ticket to Support here
Moderators won’t be online during weekend, but support will. Any neutral/negative rate can be removed.


p.s HB :birthday: to @CidxLucy

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OMG gameflip why publicly show people its my birthday lol


:sparkling_heart: Just kidding Gameflip I love you :sparkling_heart:

Thank You @Wayz_Shop :heart:

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oh wow, i didnt know unfair neutral ratings can be removed as well. gonna submit a ticket to have mine removed as well. Happy birthday @CidxLucy

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Happy Birthday @CidxLucy
Apparently all threads for today will be distracted by your birthday :smiley:
Also on an addition to what the OP mentioned. I’ve bought quite a lot and i’m missing about at least 15-20+ ratings , now it’s not a big thing , but it does lead to question if it’s optional to rate , then would numbers really matter or would it be better to have a gauge which shows +ve or -ve .

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Yeah you are right. Few months ago it wasn’t like that. You’re supposed the give rating for complete the transaction. I’m missing about a lot of ratings too :frowning:


After further investigation I could remove your rating.


Happy b-day @CidxLucy!


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