Neutral Feedback Review Request

Your Code: 6UBBHS

Today I have received my first neutral feedback in ages. To my surprise this came following a quick and easy trade. According to the buyer I “Takes ages unorganised , decent seller but takes a while , okay”.

The .99 item was purchased about 5 hour ago at this point. I delivered the item about an hour ago. This means the time from purchase to delivery is a mere 3-4 hours. The buyer ignored my first invite, but accepted my second invite 10 mins later.

I am sorry that he feels I take ages, but when he purchases an item he is agreeing to an up to 24 hour delivery period. I feel I am pretty timely getting the item off within the first 6 hours, especially considering I work Monday-Sunday until roughly 5pm ET.

Keep in mind my hours are posted in my bio as follows:
“I work 9am-5pm EST not counting commutes. Most days I will be online by 6pm EST, but this is not guaranteed. I apologize for the tight schedule”.

Also keep in mind I was rated 52 mins ago, meaning I took 6 mins to get online and deliver the item from the time I clearly state I walk in the door daily.

Could this be reviewed and potentially reversed? I will accept a fair rating of my shop, but nothing in this claim is accurate. None of my repeat buyers have ever had an issue.

Is the buyer new to Gameflip? I have had way more people like the buyer that bought from you. They expect you to deliver the item within 10 minutes or they would complain and ask for refunds/extras. I would just block him/cancel order if they do it because there are too many of them.

For your case, pretty much u can get ur rating removed. Happened to me a few times too. They didn’t reply at all but they just added me and I gave the item after 2-3 hours and they rated me bad for not giving within an hr. Pretty Uncommon but happens from time to time.
Best to contact Support too while at this topic. It might fasten the process.

I usually just contact support and get it removed. Pretty easy because your not at fault at all.

Best Regards,