Unfair neutral feedback from buyer

Hello, I recently received a neutral feedback from a regular buyer. He bought an item while I was not online, he sent a message after which I

obviously didn’t respond to because I was sleeping. He then proceeds to send me 3 more messages on Gameflip and via the PlayStation network messages about his order. My page clearly says “if you do not receive a response I am sleeping or unavailable and will respond ASAP”. Not only is that information in my bio my listings are for 24 hour delivery so technically I was still well within the delivery time frame. These buyers think they can make a purchase and demand delivery whenever they want and don’t consider that fact that people eat, sleep, and have a life outside this website. So he proceeded to leave a neutral saying “ Helped when they decided to wake up, took them some time to help afterwards”

Ok… so we sellers are slaves I’m assuming. I was nice enough to get out my bed at 3am to give him his order because he’s a regular customer and he leaves that kind of feedback. Totally unfair and I would like the rating removed if at all possible. Considering there is information on my page about timelines and why a buyer might receive no response. Included screenshot of messages he sent me on PlayStation network, time is 3:38am for proof of what I’ve stated. Thank you kindly

• Order Number: 1fcd0b10-12a4-4a50-8dfb-9d0c28cb8738

• My profile code: 274ZYC

@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom

I totally understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes I get the same treatment when dealing with some customers. It’s unfortunate that some people in life can’t recognize that they are buying from a human that has their own life, family, sleep, eat, and the time difference between regions and all of that. You also clearly specify your delivery/business schedule before they buy but lucky us they just decide to ignore all of that and demand things their own way. I feel your pain! may god be with us!

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Hey @THC_Mod.Shop,

I can see here that your neutral rating has already been removed :wink:

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: