Unfair / Impatient rating

So this is the whole story.
I have over 3700 ratings.

I have lots of orders at all times. Sometimes notifications glitch, or message slips the eye when I’m asleep. So this dumb person ordered a wonder skin, I delivered to them. Now I think they probably didnt see where the code was, or my code did not work.
This person had sent just 3 texts in total.

I had 3 days to replace code as well.

Instead of messaging me again, or opening a dispute, which would surely alert me, this stupid person went ahead and confirmed transaction and rated me “RED” and called me a scammer.

I texted the person, and I am waiting on them to reply so I can resolve the issue. I dont prefer free money ofcourse.

But how can I get my red rating removed? This is entirely the buyers carelessness and impatience, instead of waiting or texting or opening a dispute, the buyer just confirmed transaction and accused me of being a scammer. If I was a scammer I would’ve been kicked off of gameflip before I even made to 100 rates.

Kindly help out. Thank you

@MajorTom @DunnBiscuit

The Honest Truth The Mods Don’t Do jack Around Here only once or twice then They Duck Outta Here I have Actually been trying to Hold My anger Inside and Trying at the moment They Normal Do remove this negative Rating If Fair Deals However You Going to have to wait unless a Miracle Happens Not trying To make the Mods Bad just Not doing a Great Job Atm They May be busy Then May Not Who Knows Buddy Merry Christmas To all :slight_smile:

Hello yousafzafar and sorry for the late response.

While selling codes using the auto-delivery option, you are meant to put the correct code inside the digital code field, so the buyer will receive it instantly after buying it.

Do not put texts like “text me once you buy” on the auto-delivery option, as this will cause your listings to be removed. Doing this will also decrease the chances of receiving negative feedback from the buyers


You’re right. But lemme tell you a fact.
Codes can expire, and its amazing, daily we have 10-20 ads under review, thus our codes held hostage, and if they expire, who covers our loss? Exactly why we try avoid

@yousafzafar If you know the exact date when the code will expire, and you know how many sales you have under review each day, then you can organize yourself to avoid any losses when it’s close to the expiration date.

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