Buyer Giving Fakes negative Reviews!!!!!!!

Omg I’m actually hating this so i buyer bought some in game items and I waiting some times and i delivered him the goods as expected even said was happy and everything i gave him everything even doubled check and asked for confirmation and he said he was happy with everything and that he got what was bought for and also I recognised his name on my scammers list which is why I didnt really talk to him after I knew I still gave everything dont worry he recieved everything and after transaction I said I have to go now bye then I kicked him beacuse he was a previous scammer which had scammed me in the past then he has the write to leave me a negative review!!! SO UNREASONABLE and he even Accepted the deal after he received everything guys hiw does that work someone has a problem you hold the transaction but hey he accepted saying there were no problems and reviews me negative nahh I’m not buying it I have 30 straight good reviews someone help me @mod my seller code is BUT6RM if that helps I dont know where to find it this is the only random numbers I found at the sold transaction c2a565ea-4941-4a75-8669-aca083a54ce7

I personally would just block him, this would prevent him from ever buying from you again. As far as the bad review there is a way to contact support to have it removed I’ll look for it real quick and update my message when I find it