review submitted wrong by buyer.

order id- 364670fc-37ed-4d1f-83bc-b7f21adfe10a
this person also took the code redeemed all things as described and then gave negative feedback saying that hee did not get what he paid for. If it was so why didnt he message me and rather complete the order.

Sir buyer keeps submitting wrong review even after good service is provided to them.

One buyer bought a windows 10 pro key and then tried activating it in windows 10 home and then when he wasnt able to do so he asked me to cancel order but since it wasnt my fault i respectfully denied and ask him to esculate to gameflip support but he completed order and then game me negative feedback and also commented on my all listing that i was scamming.

Long back one buyer bought HMA VPN key 6 month one and he came after 6 month after the code was expired and gave me negative feedback sir.

This is not only happening to me but many other sellers are facing the same issue. Kindly do something like upload a scam proof or reason of feedback etc. so that buyer atleast provide proof and we sellers dont get defamed without any reasons.

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If your looking to get the reviews reviewed and see if those can be removed, will have to contact Support. They can’t via forums/live chat anymore.

You can suggest it to support as well as under the suggestion category.

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