Tried to scam me and rated me negative afterwards (first one)

Hello guys.

This member bought an item from me an hour ago:

So here is what happened…

This Gevorg Santoyan claimed that code isn’t working and wanted a refund. It was a $0.75 game, so I could do that easily, but I have plenty of time during weekends and more important - I was sure code wasn’t duplicate. I was checking my unredeemed keys from Yogscast bundle last night, so this is 100% working key with receipt, hidden till’ yesterday on my HB account and I put it on sale straight after. So as he didn’t provide any proof, I asked him to add me on Steam so I can check his game list. He did, but that was some poor account with two, or three games on it. I almost gave up and was so close to do a refund, but then I tried, just in case, to put his real name (Gameflip name) on Steam and what I got is his real account which is much higher level on Steam (same kid in that picture and in picture on Gameflip). He tried to lie that it is his brother’s account. Even here I was ready to refund him if he admit what he tried to achieve, cuz it was obvious I’ll get negative rating if I don’t. Next step when I told him to ask his brother to add me, he closed dispute and rated me negative.

Anyway, here is our conversation:

I also have screenshot with his real Steam profile (in case he changed something meanwhile).

I just wanted everyone to see this so you don’t let to be easily cheated. My suggestion is to block this guy so you can avoid same thing happening to you. And does anyone know if Steam support can provide activation time of certain code? I’m afraid what to do if something like this happen with more expensive items and if false claims come from someone who is not so sloppy like this kid.

And for Gameflip, any chance of removing bad rating, even if I knew that’s gonna happen from the start?

My invite code is EWZQJY and Order ID is 3efca959-b1d0-4bd6-a136-f106e3587548.

EDIT: I tried to rate him negative too, but explanation was too long. After I made it shorter and tried again, I couldn’t rate him.


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just pm a mod about it, he will most likely get suspended for saying “■■■■■” etc. and your bad rating removed

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I was able to remove his rating for you. Thanks.

Thank you, DunnBiscuit! I really appreciate it!

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Hey @DunnBiscuit I have a very similar problem, I’m on a new account is there a way I can dm you?

Do you have a problem with the same guy? I wonder why he isn’t banned already, just checked his ratings, he is doing this stuff regularly…

nah a different guy tried to scam for a rl item, in the end i got the item (after i threatened to report him) but he left a review saying i tried to scam him

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You should give us his profile. The least we can do is to block guys like them. This one, from the first post keeps trying to pull same move on others even after I reported him.

Gameflip, why don’t you suspend scammers? This guy from first post still does the same thing to users, he just changed his nickname so he is not easily tracked anymore like in my case. From my perspective, it’s more important to remove guys like this than some honest new user who didn’t read rules carefully (you can warn them at first).

EDIT: At the moment, I have one sold item where buyer has requested to hold the transaction for Gameflip to review (Order ID - f8840af1-411a-49b0-aca5-2fe21f89fdcd, so take a look when you have time). I have receipt for that key, I even have more of them so I could replace his key if he asked for something like that, but he decided to remain silent and probably hopes that I’ll cancel the transaction in his favor just like that. I wont. Judging by his ratings and comments under Steam profile, he might be regular scammer too. I think you are able to prevent this behavior if you find a way to be automatically informed of users with negative rating ratio higher than normal. This is the user:

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Thanks for reaction, @DunnBiscuit, I appreciate it!


  1. Gameflip made transaction completed in my favor
  2. Got my money, user unable to rate me
  3. I rated him negative
  4. Blocked him

So, if you want to make sure it’ll end the right way, don’t just wait for dispute to be resolved who knows when, but post the problem here for quicker reaction.

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I try my best to solve all the issues I find here.

As i said, we are working to have a larger team so we can cover these issues faster.

Thanks for the patience!


I had to deal with such schemes the whole time I was using GameFlip to distribute my keys. People try to scam on anything.
Almost daily I get a transaction “On Hold” since people try to tell me that they bought it by accident or the Code was faulty in one way or another.
Since i dont buy from 3rd partys I can be sure that all codes are working 100%.
Thats why I allways tell them I cant cancel an order where the product is working etc. after getting it that i wont cancel the order those people put the transaction on hold and I have to contact the support and explain everything and so on.

Thats why I stopped posting new stuff here, support is slow as hell and the amount of scammers got out of hand.

2 Years ago when I was a featured store, life was easy I tell you. Had a founder in my Steam Friendlist and all problems with scammer got solved almost instantly. I miss those times.
Also those mad users that rated badly because they werent able to get something for free or rated the game or just because, the support allways deleted those rating for me. But now that Im not featured anymore? just take a look at my ratings, Im almost not able to sell anything with those bad scammer ratings.

Code: SXZ962

Can you send me via PM which transactions resulted in those bad ratings so I can check it for you?