I received a bad review

In this screenshot I am grey- He is Orange. I asked him why is he so childish. He said his finger slipped… Read the rest

I have a screen shot of a guy that gave me a negative review for no reason. I was very polite, on time and very responsive with his purchase. He was the buyer, I was the seller. He purchased a item, I asked him how long he would be. He then told me to just invite him. So I did. He kept trolling me leaving and joining. He did this several times. He would say, Whoops! So about 2 hours goes by. He then says again, are you ready? I kept my composure and tried to be professional as possible. It was tough. Finally he takes his item. I said thank you! Even though I didn’t want to be nice because of his childish games. I still gave him a very nice Comment and a great review! He leaves me a review and says that his finger slipped and that I tried to scam him…I have 164 positive reviews and he is my only negative review. I blocked him and asked him why would he do this? He said cry about it. Then he said he was glad to be my first negative review… I have screenshots on my gameflip page as we speak. I would like this negative review removed as it reflects my perfection and value to my buyers. I am very grateful for gameflip and what I am capable to do with it. I don’t deserve a negative review off of false words and the click of a button. I am a valued member of gameflip and very loyal to the community. I would sincerely respect a fix. I will also leave a code to my page. Thank you. I hope this gets resolved!

Steckk- My Code (3572L8)

Good job posting with evidence and your invite code, moderators are usually off on weekends but they’ll take a look into this during the week

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I’m just trying everything I can to fight back against this. I did everything right and don’t feel that I deserve that. Thank you so much for agreeing with me. I don’t want him to win. It’s small to some people but to me I want what’s right. He needs to be removed from the community. He trolled me for 4 hours. On and off of Xbox several times. Thanks again man! Hopefully they see this and help me out

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Hello, I removed your rating, also removed the listing you made. If you want to report someone, just send me his account. Or let his profile here within a post.

Thank you.

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sheesh, I hope you don’t plan on doing anything bad with that IP adress.

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Dude! I don’t know what else to say! I am so appreciative! This is the first time in my life I responded for help and actually got it! I ha e already drafted over 10 people to gameflip. I will do even more to help gameflip grow! I appreciate it so much! I love you guys! Go Gameflip!!!