Positive rating, negative comment (wrongly)


I recently sold Hearts of Iron IV code for Steam to buyer Rene P. Order number is ca0848e1-06cf-48c8-986c-122b37902761. My invite code is EWZQJY. I would like negative comment to be removed, even tho buyer rated me positive. If anyone wants this user’s profile link to block him, feel free to DM me.

His comment is “Hello, I did not approve the purchase of this game on March 29, please refund or I will report for fraud.”

Thing is (as you can see in the screenshot I will post in the end) code he bought is valid and working, but he had problem with his system he expected me to solve. I even stated in my profile page on Gameflip that my responsibility stops when the code is activated and game is in user’s profile permanently. So this negative rating is something Gameflip should answer directly to buyer and I hope you guys will do something about it (remove rating, contact the buyer yourself…). Thanks.

Here is the screenshot of our correspondence where you can see that bought game is on his profile (open in new tab and zoom). You can see that I even tried to help him with his problem, but he just didn’t respond before auto completion.



What kind of genius someone have to be to accuse another person for fraud when the game was (obviously) activated successfully? Think, people, think before you act.

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Hello, there is way more buyers like him than you would expect. I have met over 20+ so far throughout my 1.5 years on Gameflip. There will always be such people no matter what. Just tag a Mod so they would probably look and remove the review when they are available.

I have seen worst sadly. Well, I would probably just block him afterwards. Have a Good Day!

Or send a ticket to support (would probably be faster)

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