Very unpolite buyer with really bad attitude gave me false negative review

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I’m a seller on gameflip i sell ingame items and steam gifts and yesterday I met this buyer and after gifting him the game from my side he refused to confirm and insisted to download the game fist to check I tried to explain that its unnecessary since he already claimed the game but he refused and was very unpolite so I waited anyway and after all that he gives me negative review?!

This is his profile I have 4X more positive ratings than him not to mention bot sales which don’t give you ratings anymore

it’s always backfires when u push people to rate u u can ask them once after u do deliver to rate u when it’s possible and that’s it

nevermind, its just little toxic kids

Then maybe you shouldn’t force people to rate you!! There endeth the lesson!

he has very small rating, in my opinion

He was a bit entitled, but it’s also good to know when sellers can’t wait a day or two for confirmation. You were more combative than helpful and are still acting like you did him a favor by allowing him to wait while “not rushing” him over and over lol. I get the frustration, but only having to wait 3 days until you never have to worry about a chargeback again is about as good as it gets when selling digital items online. If you haven’t already I suggest mentioning in your profile that you prefer immediate redemption or you’ll block like some other code sellers. The other (better) option would be to just wait the 3 days after delivery. You are also sharing all his information on the public forum rather than a private support ticket for some reason.

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it’s not about toxic people, it’s when u ask them to rate u right way it’s fees suspicious which makes them not wanting to rate att all and when they do they will gave u bad rate , as if u after u send the keys u can ask people like i do when we send the keys we send massage as will. we thank you for choosing out store and after u redeem this key u can complete this transaction when ever it’possible as auto rate takes time


I didn’t push him to rate i just put this message on all my steam like a copy pasta or something and if the person want the rate he does its not necessary but i only told him to confirm i never told him to rate but its my right to ask him to confirm after i did my part as not doing this put in advantage why should i wait for him to download and install the game? Again i didn’t ask him to rate except in the gift message which is sent to everyone

I, of course made him a favor that i haven’t contacted gameflip support after he refused to confirm after redeeming the game.he can say i rushed him to confirm in one case if i didn’t deliver or there was some error and i rushed him to confirm but this didn’t happen therefore its a false claim and supporting it is pointless

You did him no favor. You have done the opposite by making his information public.

He had 3 days to confirm as does every buyer. You seem very confused about that point. It also appeared to him and everyone else posting here that you were pushy. No one cares about your rating vs. his rating or any of the other nonsense. You offered a poor buyer experience and I personally would never buy from you after seeing this. Pushing buyers to rate on here is the most common scam and if you can’t see why doing it sketches buyers out then you are just dense.

You are making it very clear that your poor rating was indicative of your behavior and well deserved.


your right here is to send the key with the time frame u post u have no right to ask him to rate after he do redeem he have 3 days to complete and if he wanna leave it to auto complete that his right and u did no favors as gameflip will do nothing if u massage them someone didn’t complete this sells after they redeem, this will make gameflip monitor ur account for stolen keys as only people ask to rate right after are people with stolen keys, i do run store with over 830 sells and rates my job is to deliver the item and then the customers can chose to rate me or not. and u should do the same if u wanna avoid poor rates as this one was of ur own making.

please dont talk about something you dont know about first i didnt ask him to rate except in the copy pasta which i send to all people (i didnt ask him directly in chat to rate i only asked him to confirm) second i dont sell keys so all of that you trying to prove is based on something that didnt even happen so instead of trying to make me look like the bad guy here for asking him to rate whiich i dont remember even doing why not talk about his bad attiude he literaly told me “you will get your goddamn rating” and told me to go put on naruto and eat some pop corn and all i said was ok ok calm down im not rushing you and in the end he put a negative review saying that i rushed him?

I think you should be careful in the future to avoid a bad rating.

u keep saying u didn’t force him to complete but on ur own statement from the first post u are telling him to confirm the sell right way u really need to remember ur own word dude as u want him to conform right after u did gift him but he wanted to download it first and that from ur own words,

  • ‘’ I met this buyer and after gifting him the game from my side he refused to confirm and insisted to download the game fist to check I tried to explain that its unnecessary since he already claimed the game ‘’

Dude you said you forced him to rate now why are talking about confirming? Yea i asked him to confirm its there in the screenshots and in the post text it’s no secret don’t act like a detective i said I didn’t ask him to rate which is optional, confirmation is another thing. And as I said you don’t understand the whole situation but stil arguing im not selling “keys” I’m selling gifts which are directly from steam which have no chance to be stolen or not valid once you accept the gift on steam you are done from my side and you can deal with the rest with steam. The game didn’t work on ur computer for example is that my problem? No its not you deal with steam

it doesnt matter game flip gives buyers 3 days. i sell things and i dont care if people let it auto rate. If you pushed me to rate fast i would want to leave a negative rating too.

In my opinion, yes, a negative is wrong, but I personally would have given a nuetral, just let people rate in their own time or not at all. I personally have sold over 215 codes and only have around 130 ratings, it’s easier to wait three days than push someone even the slightest and get a negative. I doubt you’re going to get this removed in all honesty man, just use it as a learning experience.