Rate before I get a gift card code?

So I bought a PSN gift card from Rodrigo Rangel and he says that I need to give him a positive rating before Gameflip will send me the code. Is that right?

Here’s more.

No matter what, do not accept. You have to receive the code, use it and make sure it works before rating. On Gameflip, rating means everything is good. Once you rate, that money is released to the seller. You cannot get it back. What this seller is doing is illegal and is blatantly trying to scam you. Please contact support and send them these pictures and explain what this seller is trying to get you to do. He will be suspended.

Can you please provide me a link to this seller’s profile or to a listing of theirs? I would like to take a look into this account.

Here’s a link to his profile.

I felt like something was off when he wanted me to rate him before I received the codes. I was wondering why Gameflip would be holding my code until I rated him.

He said he has been on Gameflip for 3 years using multiple accounts and that this is just how it works.

You are very sharp and clever! I commend you for that! I am glad you didn’t rate that scammer. Please ignore his messages and report him to Gameflip so that they will freeze his account, launch an investigation and suspend this person.

  1. Gameflip started in the app store on June 24 2015. No one has been on Gameflip for 3 years…

  2. Multiple Accounts are not allowed on Gameflip. That is considered fradulent. Why would someone need multiple accounts? Scammer.

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I could tell something was off. Here’s the part about multiple accounts. His other accounts probably got banned. Message order is from the bottom to the top.

Here’s some more. He’s just going to keep on doing it.

All his active listings have been removed and his account is under review. Have you received any messages since we last spoke?

No, but Gameflip did go ahead and process the refund this morning. They didn’t reply to the ticket, all I got was an email letting me know about the refund. Happy for that though!

Good! As long as you have your money back. This person’s account is frozen and will no longer be scamming anyone. Thank you for being an upstander and speaking out about it. Most people stay quiet and enable these kinds of people to lure in more victims. Stay safe and keep an eye out!

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I thought something sounded off so I wanted to be sure. Also wanted to warn anyone that might think about purchasing one of his listings. I’d hate for someone to rate this seller without receiving what they ordered and then having no recourse when the seller decided not to provide the code(s).

“Authentified”. This is a common error among those learning english as a second language. Nice Post btw. This type of social engineering is all to common and will surely increase as the site continues to grow. Being vigilant and aware of the dangers is your best defense. @racersimage was too astute obviously, but not everyone will be… I would speculate that he is just going to create a new profile, under a new IP, and new alias and attempt this scheme again. Hopefully this post will help alert the community and prevent him from ever cashing out on debauchery. He will tire out eventually. But there will be 1000 more just like him with different social engineering attempts. Thanks for sharing.


Yep, no matter what, never rate before receiving the codes (or any digital content). Any seller requesting you to do so is likely to scam you.

He’s posted new listings using this account now. Same username, newer account.

His profile now says co-owner of Steam Pumpkin and he changed his name after I linked to this topic in one of his listings.

And now he has changed his name again and relisted the listings I commented on.

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man what the ■■■■? that’s my account. i’m not a scammer, i just bought some cards and i’m trying to resell it. yes my name is Rodrigo Rangel but that’s my first account here on game flip. i just found this website yesterday. Rangel is a common name in Brasil (where i am from). stop telling lies about me

Seems fishy. You’ve now change your name twice since I commented.

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