I was scammed. Please Help!

I purchased two Stitch Fix gift cards yesterday from Vasient Games (now Alan Digital Store – hmmm, I wonder why he changed his name and blocked me). When applying the gift cards, the codes worked and went to my account. However, when going to make a purchase on Stitch Fix using those gift cards the next day, the $100 balance wasn’t there. The associate told me that the person who bought the gift cards removed the purchase and, therefore, took my cards/balance away. As a result of the codes originally working yesterday, I rated this user. I’m assuming he withdrew the code once I rated him. I’m out about $33 through PayPal due to this shady practice. I have been a respected member for a few years now and this is the first time this has happened. This sets a very poor precedent. For example, what is to prevent him doing this to multiple people (Provide codes that work, but he cancels them once he receives a rating)? Something has to be done to this user. Also, I would hope a credit to my account can be issued. This is ridiculous…

Gift cards can be a tricky business. It is silly and carlees to rate a seller before using it to complete a checkout.

A good rule to go by when purchasing gift cards is to know that you are going to use the full amount. There is a reason why Gameflip allows a 3 day grace period to rate a transaction. You are suppose to use that time to test and make sure everything is as described. It doesn’t matter how many times a seller ask you to please rate them as soon as possible (red flag/suspicious). People who rate because of meaningless pressure like that are pushovers. Personally when I buy gift cards, I know that I am going to use all of it that day or the next. This gives me time to use it and make sure the balance isn’t revoked due to a chargeback. After I drain the balance to $0 and complete my transaction, that is when I rate the seller.

This was more so a post about the seller. I obviously know the app’s grace
periods. Yeah so let’s just let this guy continue selling. That’s a sound
business strategy. As long as we continue receiving our 10%, there is no
other worry to buyers being scammed–a very successful practice. Give me a

I was also scammed over $75 on a NewEgg $100 gift card. The seller is Dluxx:

Beware, he sells scam gift cards and will drain them once you complete the transaction.