Massive scammers on GIFT CARDS

Hello! I just want to ask you what has been happening lately? This is the 4th time that users are using my amazon cards and after saying that the code is already used or invalid. They simply apply the code to their primary account and then try the code on a fake amazon account (sometimes even with $ 0.00) in the balance and say I have sold them a code already used. I never sell invalid / used codes, I don’t even have an amazon us account. Doing something about these crooks has already become frustrating. The first 2 dates when I was scammed I made a refund thinking it was my fault. I would like to mention that I am a legit seller, only positive reviews.


Having the same issue, dont trust anyone, only support can help, do not cancel anything. One decently rated buyer thats also a seller is trying to scam me… He bought a google play gift card from me, but he also has tons of codes listed on his profile… Its really easy to spot a scammer

It’s probably because so many of the GC and game code sellers resell cards from untrusted/shady sources. I just tried to purchase an Amazon GC to take advantage of the $3 back promotion and cash out some balance with no fees (RIP PayPal/Bank withdrawal), but it was already redeemed to another account.

Idk whats happening with new sellers/buyers…i hope that the staff promotes the site or do something to lure decents sellers with good prices

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I purchased $50 card google play. Checked the card and it looked good. Once i completed the transaction. I went to add it to my play store app the next day and the card was invalid … This is not a problem
problem is a give him poor feedback but that feedback is remove From his account next day I don’t know why ?!


Hello @espace1989,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding this and I will explain to you why the rating was removed.

I removed it because you should only complete the transaction once the code is redeemed into your account. That way you are able to identify if the code has a problem and you could either contact the seller (which was not done) or open a dispute to get your issue resolved or money back (was not done either). You added a negative rating to the account without giving the seller a chance to help and get your issue resolved.

Next time, please redeem the code onto your account before completing the transaction. You have the option to test the code through the 3-day countdown for auto-complete and hold the timer if you open a dispute.

For further doubts regarding this, please check the following links:

God Speed! :trident:




maybe you remeber I allready reported this user one month ago because I have had the same problem with him! We talked about it the problems is that this guy resell the cards with different accounts what he using (sent you the accounts where iam safe that this accounts belong to him).

He always created a new acccount when i blocked an old account of him! Everytime when he has a problem with a buyer from him he comes to me or in this case to San Marino and wants the money back or a refund! If you dont do this he will publish in any thread here in the forum.
In my case he posted for example two problem in the Nintendo Switch listing thread. At least he is doing this because I think he want to harm the buisness from legit sellers. With another “bigger” seller he did the same in the past!

If you like i can write you a private message to give you more information :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Best regards

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No sir, i dont have other accounts in gameflip im not scammer, And when I buy a gift card i Sell ​​it outside gameflip I think this is legal !
Sorry guys for any problem but im not scammer

@Dni_Daniel don’t refund them anymore take your stand post your proof and wait for dispute resolution, this started happening to me too lately. I know it’s time consuming but you can also get proof to support your claim from Amazon customer support, they’re glad to help.
The first thing you can do the instant you see this happening is report the card as stolen and claimer account. Even if they place orders using your gift card and the card gets used, their amazon accounts will be banned/orders canceled. in the future they will quit doing this. If we do nothing it’s like giving them a license to steal.

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Do not post external links that is not related to Gameflip.


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hello i disagree with what your saying.
im a buyer of amazon gift cards and ive had this issue where sellers send me a gift card and it is already redeemed and they accuse me of scamming.
The way that most sellers obtain thier gift cards leads to this because they are getting them from these suppliers who seemingly have unlimited codes.
It is obvious that some of their codes are redeemed already please dont be so quick to blame the buyers maybe the suppliers are not that great after all.

p.s. In all those cases that this has happened to me gameflip has ruled in my favor

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