Seller wants us to be online and use the Gift Card code as fast as i can.

What does this mean? is seems sketchy.

This mean seller is already a reseller . They get card/code from supplier , so the code need to redeem instantly after sent

After a bad experience with this seller I bought a 100 gift card and added it to my Amazon account. When I wanted to use them to buy the goods I found that they had been used by someone else. Means that this seller demanded Amazon retrieve it. When I told him that he started to flee and denied that, and even told me he had supplier and so on. He did not even accept settlement. So I tell you to be careful with him that he is a scoundrel who does not know much that he is a great fraud. Now I lost 100 but I do not want him to keep up with others.

so its not a scam?

You have 3 days to test the code and open a dispute if it isn’t working.

Despite the buyer asking you to test it asap. I don’t think it is a scam,but take your time to test the code and report if there is something wrong.

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