Strange buyer...

Buyer wants me to send him the code at a specific time instead of receiving it right now. I insisted to send it right away, but he refuses to receive at the moment. I don’t understand why…

Maybe he isn’t home and isn’t able to check to see if the code works?

Yeah, that’s a possibility. But even so I can’t see the difference between receiving the code now or later. He would have 3 days to verify, anyway.


As I suspected, the guy wants to scam me. He spent the whole day ignoring my messages, and then 1 minute after I send the code, he opens a dispute.

If the code works and everything is recorded in the messaging between you and the buyer, Gameflip will rule in your favor.

Thanks! I bought the card directly from Amazon. I also recorded in video the whole process of buying and sending the code. After informing the buyer about that, he cleaned the dispute, but didn’t rate me yet.

That’s good. Hope he rates and finalize quickly for you. With that kind of evidence, you definitely are protected.

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