Buyer wants a dispute

Hi good day everyone here on gameflip forum. So this buyer try to dispute me at first he send me a message telling me that he received an email from amazon so i read this and told him that the problem is not about my giftcard and it’s all about the his card information and amazon want him to reply about it then I asked him to carefully reread the amazon email so after i while he send another amazon email that the stating the “problem” is about the gift card and all of this image are all cropped i email the support for help and still no reply so I’m still waiting I’m asking for your help sir @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom
My invite code is Z8D3X7
Order# 34fb06db-c513-46ed-b1ee-42c55789af4e
This is the image he sent to me

Update : the buyer cleared the dispute after one day .He told me that i was correct the problem is not my gift card and it’s about his account.So everything is cleared now :slight_smile: