Scammed by Xhorxh Premalaj - Starbucks Gift Cards Drained

I was scammed by the following user:

He sold me Starbucks gift cards which had the right balance for the first week. Since it has a balance for a week, you’d have no choice but to mark the transaction as “Complete”. Once you’ve done that, he would drain the cards to zero.

I reached out to Gameflip support for help, it’s a $10 gift card. I thought at least Gameflip would make things right and would help me recoup my losses. Instead, the support person Peter said I’ve marked it as “Complete” and they will not be able to help.

Gameflip and the scammers made money off of this scam. I can’t believe the support from Gameflip was so poor. Hopefully good guys like @DarkKnight can make this right.

Update: Peter from Gameflip is helping me now, he’s opening an investigation into the seller. I messaged the seller directly, and also on Telegram. No response from the seller. No wonder he was so eager to sell me the gift cards.

Was kinda sus when he wanted to talk on Telegram. I told him I can message him just fine on Gameflip.

Hello @kellykline,

I’m glad that your issue is being verified by the Support Team.

Usually, in these cases, when the gift card gets revoked after the order is complete, an investigation is done to verify what happened with the seller.

Hello @lukas,

Please ask or do some research on our marketplace before informing other users on how Gameflip works.

We do require the sellers to provide receipts in case issues like this happens and we do not allow “everything” to be sold here, as you incorrectly informed.

Examples of required information from a gift card seller:

Examples of items/gift cards/services that we do not allow:

As informed to @kellykline, we do investigations when revoked cases like this happens to verify and guarantee that our users are not being scammed.

Also, we constantly verify our seller’s listings and request further information to reduce the chances of issues like this happening. So the sellers need to provide us guarantee that the gift cards being sold are legit.

Now keep in mind that every situation is different and needs further investigation in order to fully understand what happened. So if you have any problems, please open a ticket so the Support Team could investigate and take further action from there.

In case you have questions, you can always feel free to ask me.

God Speed! :trident:

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