Starbucks Gift Card Scammer

I purchased a Starbucks gift card from this seller today and when I went to redeem it, the app said there is no balance on the card. I reached out to the seller, but all he said was “All cards are full :)” The nerve.

I called into Starbucks customer service and had a representative check the history of the card that the seller provided. It was revealed that the balance on the card was emptied on July 6th (7 days ago). It is appalling that this scammer tried to pass it off as card with money on it.


Can I suggest that you post up your Invite Code and the Transaction ID for the purchase that you are referring to in this thread.

This will assist the Moderators in finding your account and the transaction that you are referring to.

I would also raise a dispute on your current transaction. Here is a guide if the transaction is ongoing:

I would suggest either attaching a file/screen shot or using snipping tool to produce an image of any correspondence from the seller and any evidence to support your claim that the card was empty from 7 days ago. Maybe Starbucks can provide a screenprint of the Gift Card transactions.

It might do you no harm to contact one of the Moderators by PM:

Good Luck. Hope you get sorted.


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Thanks for the pointers! I used to tell people in the forum the same things! Appreciate the effort and detail. I followed the protocol for everything yesterday and they cancelled the transaction this morning.

Good to see others helping out the community! Cheers!


Glad you’re on the right track. :+1:

Can you post up a hyperlink for the seller. I personally like to take the opportunity to learn from the unfortunate experiences of those in the Forums by blocking bad sellers.

Good Luck,


I am on my phone right now so I can’t grab their link, but here is a SS of their page. They are quite active so it won’t be hard finding one of their listings.


Found it: