Gameflip supports fraudulent sellers I got proff

What as Gameflip will take this down asap
I dare any1 to call starbucks and ask them about these cards. They will tell you they are closed. Gameflip says I am the one who is being fraudulent using and then claiming they are bad.

Why complete a transaction when the code is not valid?

cuz he is scamming obvious

its not that the code is invalid, and my last purchase I did not complete and disputed.

Also if you complete and 2 days later the Company which you purchased to use the gift card CLOSES the gift card. Its because of fraudulent activity.

If you are a seller NOCAP, I’ve no doubt that you are stealing peoples gift cards or ID/credit cards.

If not then ok

But I got proof so a big F U to your face. besides I have recorded conversations with starbucks even though they are not happy about it. I’m not going to release it unless I have to and only to my bank/CC company

you must be a seller

Dude look, have you not seen all the posts about accounts getting banned because they purchased gift cards from GAMEFLIP? Nintendo, Amazon etc.

Those Giftcards actually belong to other people or are set company gift cards to send out to specific companies that buy in bulk. those guys are stealing the card numbers and selling to you.

Oh an Nocap, Im part of the Extreame sport (SpeedBall aka Paintball) community. I got Pro players That will tell you i’m legit. I’m Nationally Ranked D4 but

that don’t mean much lol.

If the card is flagged as fraudulent after the transaction is complete you can contact Gameflip Support to get back your money.

The only thing you need is evidence from the company(maybe an e-mail from support, chat with support, etc…) , and to keep demanding the refund.

I got scammed with Itunes Gift Cards before and since then I have been more careful with the sellers(always check the reviews).

No starbucks doesnt supply that ypu can ask them yourself. Also I got what email I could and I told game flip all of my starbucks purchases with game flip but 2 where closed. The email i sent them i got from a Starbucks customer service manager was not enough. Still, i posted a photo and they made it private. I gave them the who/which sellers. They dont care. I still get notifications because i was following them and I gave them the purchases with codes like 3 days ago. Plus just reporting it they should investigate but they are wanting me to do all the work.