Seller used code immediately after completion, Is there anything I can do?


I tried to use the code just after completion (my mistake) but the seller already used the code. Is there any hope??

Sorry this happened to you. I’d be sure to open a ticket and report the seller as that’s not how they should behave, but I wouldn’t expect a refund. The GF system is great overall, but doesn’t work well for people who don’t intend to redeem the code within the time window before the transaction is completed.


You may open a ticket to the support team here:

Thank you.

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I opened a ticket, provided proof from Wayfair stating that the card was fraudulent. Provided proof of the seller calling me nasty names. Hopefully that is enough. Already spent a lot of time on the phone with Wayfair (who by the way were very helpful. The seller said initially that the gift card was used by someone in Illinois two days ago and He had proof of it. When I told him that I called Wayfair and they said that the card was marked fraudulent, he is now spinning a new story that they marked as fraudulent because it was used in multiple places.

Hopefully Gameflip will look into the conversation he had with me and there is enough proof in there already that he is cheating.

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you are a fraud ! you placed the order and after recieving it you claimed to wayfair that you never received to get a brand new gift card refunded to you ! and you never ever once marked transaction complete, ive been messaging you for 3 days and it completed on its on you waited for your package to arrive then to claim fraud on it ! unreal i hope you get banned !

I have the email from Wayfair saying that the giftcard was never used and was marked as fraudulent. I spent hours together on the phone trying to find out what happened just to find that you gave me a fraudulent card. I do not have any order on Wayfair so far and you made up so many stories which kept changing. I hope no one buys gift cards from you, ever!

ive sold 59 gift cards and probally 20 gift cards after you with no complaints ! at all ! i never changed my story you did , you said you marked it by mistake ? and gave me the payment ? you never did that ive been contacting you for 3 straight days !!! and gameflip will see that in the convo and the day it completed and my funds were released 15 minutes after youre like " hey the gift card dont work " if that is not the most suspicious bs ever i dont know what is. anyone can spoof an email from anyone ive been spoofed atleast 100 times from gameflip users probally people like you ! to reset my password or resend a gift card !

Gameflip has access to everything you said and everything I said. Let them decide. It is because of sellers like you that the whole platform gets a bad name.

yes they do have access to everything you waited 3 days and 3 days straight i messaged you non stop listen i have so many sales made a good profit on everything but i promise you i did not scam you and never intended too at all, i think youre forgetting that i did consistently message you those 3 days once i saw the redemption . ive had about 4 promblems before with codes and i have refunded everyone instantly once i verified the problem and it usually happens when someone purchases the code and uses it under a fake name and phone number the website will flag it as fraudlent which has nothing to do with me, but id refund the buyers and wait to recieve my new code back . I would never try to scam im greatful for this site its an extra income for me and the best thing out there.

That is enough, this will be reviewd via ticket.

If you guys opened tickets or need any help from me here, please, PM me.

Thank you.