Code is already used!

Hi :wave:
I brought a code from a saller and stored it more than 3 days (gameflip guarante) after that… try to reedem it, guess what… Code is already used… BTW the saller have trusted badge

I contacted with support team… Unfortunately No help :-1:

So help me please what should I do?

Did you complete the order before using the code? You’re supposed to use the code before you complete the order which is why the Gameflip guarantee is 3 days: you have three days to use the code/report any problems before you have to complete the order.

As I said
I kept it with more than 3 days (guarante gone)

Even though I believe that the saller re-check if its active, so ether re-sale it or - re-redeem it for himself.

For one of my first purchases on Gameflip, I bought a $50 Walmart giftcard from a guy and got scammed. So what happened was after I verified that the card was working, I completed the transaction. When I went to use it, the card had all of its balance gone. I contacted Gameflip with screenshots of evidence that I didn’t use it and got my money back. On top of that, the seller got banned. You just have to wait for Gameflip support to get back to you; they will be the only ones that have the power to actually help you out and even reverse the transaction. What kind of gift card is in question, if you don’t mind me asking?


Well said, thanks for that

Netflix giftcard 20$, I brought from the saller 9.99$

Don’t know much about Netflix gift cards, but for a gift card that is literally 50% off, it will probably be safer to verify the code and use it quickly. Good luck, hope you get your money back and resolve this quickly.

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I hope that too

Thanks for your help!

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