Scammed while selling gift card

English is not my first language so sorry for the bad writing. this guy had purchased a xbox $25 gift card from me, I had asked him did he redeem it, he stated that he was going to. A little bit later i had had asked him if he finished, I got no response, and so i had checked to see if it was redeemed, and it was. so i asked him to complete this transaction as he had redeem it like intended but he simply isnt responding. if there’s a mod that could help ,Heres the order code 209c074b-7eb7-437d-9846-fb37862a2054 please help i am a long time user of gameflip and this has never happened before.

Well a lot of people doesnt complete a transaction after redeeming the code. 3 days after the purchase is made, if the buyer doesnt complete transaction, it will be automatically completed by GameFlip and also will give you a “Good” rate. That delays a bit the time for you to have the money available but well…

the buyer finally responded and completed the trans action, no help needed anymore but thanks anyways