Gift card used after being verified and completing transaction


I purchased a Walmart gift card and was able to add it with the stated balance in my account so I completed the transaction. I didn’t intent to use it right away, but after I went back to it later, I found that the balance was zero and the history showed that the card was used in a different state than my own.

I sent in a support ticket about my specific incidence with this, but thought I would ask the community for any tips on preventing this from happening or steps to prove it? I suppose you could immediately purchase something using the gift card before confirming the purchase on GameFlip, but often I don’t want to use all or even any of it immediately. If this can’t be safeguarded against then there’s just too much risk involved–especially when the seller had a lot of excellent feedback and no negatives.

EDIT: It seems there are sellers who have perfect feedback because there’s no way to even leave bad feedback when a transaction gets cancelled after a dispute.

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This just happened to me as well. Can’t go back and change my feedback, can’t go back and message the seller, can’t get my money back, wtf Gameflip. Shady ■■■



Yea gameflip should change this. It is so easy to scam on this site. And nothing happens



Yes, before this I’ve only done gift cards for iTunes, Amazon and Netflix and all of those seem to get locked to an account once redeemed. I mistakenly thought this was the case with Walmart too, but if someone can still go to a store and swipe the card, then there’s no way this can be managed and any gift card like that shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold on here as it can’t be done safely.



You can use the target card and then use on another account. I dont know why



If you open a ticket with proof you should be able to get you money back I have had this happen a few time where the card was valid when I bought it and the was used after the sale was completed. Proof will help you in your case. Now this is not a garentee but if you can provide all the evidence you can it helps your case. I also try calling the company for the gift card that was used and ask them if they can send evidence or if they can give you tricks to keep a card safe or what to do to prevent this on the future. But I would still open a ticket and see if you can dispute if it is actually being used after you confirm. I personally use all cards right when I buy them so that way I stay safe. Starbucks cards make it easy cause you can move funds to a different gift card so it makes it great to hold on to for a long while.

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Can you open a ticket to the suppor team so we can help you further?

Send all the information you have regarding such card(s) so we can provide you further help.

Also, when you see such cards, please report them to us so we can take them down. Don’t purchase those.




@DunnBiscuit - After waiting 5 days for a reply to my support ticket, I finally received a very generic reply that said nothing could be done since I had completed the transaction and the ticket was marked solved. It seemed there was no intent to investigate the situation.

You even mentioned to report such cards when they are seen, but there was nothing suspicious about this listing. It was from a seller with 250+ positive feedback and zero negatives. The code was verified and added to my account before I confirmed the purchase.

So again, if this situation can’t be protected against then you need to stop allowing these types of gift cards to be sold. It’s too much risk for buyers as well as your own reputation.

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Please understand, there’s no way to prove who’s right in cases like this. Other gift cards websites have a warranty for a fixed time. If you want to keep the card forever, the only way is buying it online from the their own store. You may also end up losing money with physical cards at the store because those can be skimmed.



I agree it is risky sometimes buying gift cards on here! HOWEVER, I’ve found a way to at least secure Dunkin Donuts gift cards or Starbucks gift cards because of the applications they provide. I keep one of my old gift cards on either app and whenever I buy a gift card from someone on here for a really really good deal, I credit that money to my account and transfer it to my older primary gift card and then finalize the transaction. Once the credit from the gift card has been transferred to a different gift card it’s locked up and all mine!

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