Giftcard is frozen by Walmart

Hi, the giftcard I purchased from you on Mar 29, 2020 is frozen by walmart when I tried to use it a few days ago. Can you get back to me on this ASAP? I never used the balance on the card, but for some reason it’s now frozen. It would be great if you could provide me with another one of the similar value?
The order# is 12007819-bb0b-467d-bbc1-71a1405443b3.
I will wait for your reply

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I would recommend you contact Support in link below.

You can check when the person was last online on forums. Most people do not really come forums often so I can only suggest either contacting them on gameflip or sending a request to Support for the fastest way to resolve this. (Must include all Proof etc in the request since the transaction has already been completed on 29 march which means it has been 18 days)


Thank you!

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