Walmart code redeemed by someone else after closing the transaction

I made 2 purchases via order number


The seller name is Egift Shopping Store

When I got the code, I added it to my walmart accout and it showed 10$ ieach gift card. But next day when I went for shopping, the balance was 0. Both the gift cards got used by someone else.
How can I tag the seller? I am unable to find the ID.

The seller might not have a forums account. Tagging is like this. @Sparkling_Juice. If you have already completed transaction, then I suggest filing a ticket to support via this link below.

If you added it to your account, how could the gift card be used again by someone else? The balance probably got deleted because the gift card MIGHT have been tagged as ‘Stolen’. Happened to me before. For the real reason, I suggest contract Walmart support, get all the details from them while contracting gameflip support as well.

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Thanks for replying.
Well with walmart, adding a gift card in your account doesn’t mean no one else can redeem it. Its not like amazon.
I will do the steps you mentioned today. Thanks for the help

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