Giftcard Scammer

I bought a $100 walmart card from this person. He sent an invalid code and he asked me to give him my personal walmart account in order for him to activate the code. I immediately held the transaction and escalated to Gameflip (providing all proof) and he immediately canceled my transaction and blocked me. I couldnt have a chance to comment and warn other buyers.
I created this topic not to ask mods to help solving the issue because he canceled the transaction, but to help other buyers not getting tricked like this.
I believe that these attached images are sufficient proof for Gameflip to ban accounts like this.

Did you tried to submit ticket to the support and tell them that seller gave you an wrong code.

That’s clearly scam. They all say they need to unlock the card

Yeah it is, so you have to becareful because there’s alot of scammers at this website.


Also becareful if someone tells you to buy from him something just make sure first before you buy it!