GOT SCAMMED. Please help!!

Hey, 2 hours ago I bought some gift cards brand new on a technology store. I was selling some of them here on Gameflip and some Donald Stafford bought one of them (50$ XBOX Gift Card) and started right after he purchased that, insulting me several times. When I gave him the code, he continued insulting me and told me that the code was redeemed, which is impossible. They never were used before. Please help me. Now he have the code and he’s trying to get refunded.

The transition is now “On Hold”.

Some of his insults and quotes (cropped). First.



Please don’t post the code publicly. That will compromise any investigation we do.

Contact us directly regarding this problem by sending an email to Let us know your Gameflip account’s Invite Code and the order number for this issue.


yes. i was suspended and didn’t received my money. good job Gameflip

The account was suspended after you required buyers to rate the purchase before they would receive their purchase. This is a violation of the terms of service and a bannable offense.