Got scammed for $200 Xbox gift cards!

UPDATE: Issue was solved thanks to @DarkKnight

Im a regular buyer and a long time member on Gameflip with a couple hundred thousands dollars worth of purchase history (yes, you read that number right) and an experience with identifying good from bad sellers so I consider myself as somewhat a veteran shopper on this platform, but sadly I still get scammed here and there from time to time. Usually I get my money back but this time I lost $200 down the drain because the support team decided not to help me.

I bought two $100 Xbox gift cards from a seller named Sell Key Game.

I’ve been a buyer of his for a couple of months now but this time I got scammed good. The two gift cards I got from him were working for the first two days but then it started showing an error saying Contact whomever you got this code from. It can’t be redeemed. Sadly the order was completed automatically because I trusted him.

Never faced that kind of error before, and when googling it you wouldn’t find any useful info as there aren’t that much results in the entire internet world. I tried to contact the seller numerous times through commenting on his listings and also buying something from him just to be able to PM him, but he’s good at ignoring messages when it comes to providing actual support (I know that because I faced a similar issue with him a couple of weeks back, but I was able to dispute that and get my money back before the order gets completed automatically).

Consider this as a warning not to buy from this seller for your own good. I hope some of the mods @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom can look into my ticket #494929 (profile code PQGUMT) and hopefully reconsider their decision. And if the seller is reading this and wants to make things straight, you can contact me through private messages on the forum and I would gladly let everyone know that you are trying rectify the situation.

i did have this error one time before from key i was selling its , as i did buy mine from xbox directly and for some reason its did gave this error, after i did contact Microsoft support they did refund me so i did got the buyer new key, as he should’ve refunded u if he got the key legally as if he contact the place he did buy this from he will be gotten new key or refund instantly.

  • but i don’t know much about his store as u said he don’t like to answer to people

This error comes up when the seller reports the code as stolen or unauthorized purchase. Microsoft blacklist the code making it unavailable to use.

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Yep. Mgl is right. So Sell Key Game has some explaining to do.

Exactly! this can only be fixed by the seller. Assuming the seller or his supplier aren’t buying these with stolen credit cards, it could all be just a misunderstanding and the seller can fix it himself just by getting in touch with Microsoft.

I don’t see why Gameflip support isn’t cooperating with this, there’s no need for me to lose $200 for something this simple to fix. Obviously I cannot contact Microsoft myself because im not the original purchaser.

I hope Gameflip mods at least let the seller know about this because I can’t contact him in any way except through commenting on his listings.

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If I remember correctly somebody was having problems with this seller before too for a gift card posted somewhere in this forum.

Hello @BlackEdition,

I have verified your ticket and answered it accordingly.

Please provide us further detail, so we can try to help you out on this. It would be much easier if it was under dispute, but lets work with what we have right now.

I’ll try to help you out the best way I can :wink:

God Speed! :trident:


Done, thanks!

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