A customer kept saying that i’m a scammer

I have sold a 100$ walmart gift card. There was a guy bought it. After redeeming and buying , somehow the rest balance disappeared and he said that i’m a scammer and i owed him. I tried to text him many times to solve this problem but he didn’t reply me and opened dispute.

Can someone help me with this problem?

can a mod help me with this

Mods need your profile code and Order ID to help you.

The order is 6b297be2-fb11-4f98-b721-5506d44eeb29 and my code is xpt5ng

Send profile of buyer so I can block him . I don’t want same troubles like u had . Thanks.
I will just suggest u , before mod see this case go to walmart support and ask them for date and time gift card got activated . When u have that support will probably give u win

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Don’t worry. As long as you have done everything to solve it, you have done everything right, the mods should figure it out.

it’s been 3 days, can mods help with this :frowning:

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hopefully they’re able to assist.


This issue was answered via DM.

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