TechWell14 sold me a Walmart Gift Card then used in other State

I bought a $25 walmart gc today from TechWell14 today, received the card# and pin, added them to my acct, it showed up on my walmart acct as $25 like it should and completed the transaction. I did this from my computer. A few hours later I get ready to go to walmart, check the walmart app on my phone and the $25 gc balance is $0. I went back to my computer to gameflip, purchases, to double check I got the card number and pin correct and entered them again on my walmart acct and it says $0. I clkd “view card history” and the card was bought yesterday Jan-14 at store #5132 and spent today, Jan-15 at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Winter Springs Fl store #5132. I LIVE IN TENNESSEE and there are NO walmart Neighborhood Markets in my region of Tn. I can’t file a dispute and can’t contact the seller since the transaction is complete. What can I do? I want a good gc or a refund.

Leave your profile ID, and the order transaction number here. Mods may be able to assist. Also, please file a ticket at the below link if you haven’t already, and perhaps leave the ticket number here as well for the mods.

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Brian Furches
transaction#- b33f87d1-ec96-4a22-96d4-6f7ed7ee1813

it looks like the card was bought at that walmart.

Here is that walmart location.

You might want to file a ticket as well or use their live chat feature for a faster response. In the future, I would recommend using the gift card and all its balance before completing the transaction. I’ve been in the same situation as you before and I got a full refund. Unlike Amazon gift cards, the balance stays with the card number until you use it all so it’s very easy to get scammed.

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Thanx, I started a chat which I didn’t know they had, and submitted a ticked as they instructed. I’ve only been a member a few months and appreciate your help.


Hello @Yobry,

Thanks for submitting a ticket with your issue and remember, if you have anything else to add to the case, please feel free to use the same email. Also, be aware for updates and provide further information if the Support Team requests it.

God Speed! :trident: