Complaint about feedback Comment from a buyer

Hello, I hope all is well with you and your families, there is a customer who is a liar and a scammer, he bought me 5 Starbucks cards of each 10$, and after using them he said that 3 of them had a balance of 0, I asked him to tell me which cards had a balance of 0, and he refused, he was no longer responding to me, he blackmailed that if I did not send other cards he would open a dispute, I rejected because he was not saying which cards had problems. so he left me a negative review and that is not correct, because I have been selling on GameFlip for years and I have always been an honest seller, I do not agree with this rating, I ask you to please review this, below I leave the I’d of the transaction.

ID: 5cb39f4f-0fd3-4be3-960b-b1cdd38f654c

My id: 5CRV5N

Ticket: 864276

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Hello @Goncalo_MigueL !

Please check the following topic for rating verification:

Godspeed! :trident: