I'm tired - Scammers Everyday - Help me please

Hello ,

I’m a seller in Gameflip Market , I’m selling Gift Cards , i were facing a lot of scammers everyday trying to scam me and saying wrong and invalid code , once a proof my codes is fresh and redeemed after a make purchase i got a negative directly !!

Please look for a screenshots that’s an example for a scammer , Please help me to change a negative feedback please in my account ,

i have a lot transaction like that also i were opening a tickets to check the other trades and help me on that ,

My Invite code is :- NDNWRH

Trade ID :- 12beb078-b94c-4da9-8e55-4887227653ae

Hello! I was able to remove the bad rating. Also, I answered your other opened ticket.

Please let me know if you have any other issues via PM. Thanks!