Please ban this guy

Screenshot_20181226-020232_Chrome he makes you complete the trade without having the code as hes saying he would give the code after. He has listed like items for 2000$ and he is scamming people. Please do something. After i told him im escalating he immediately refunded me

Poor people didnt catch him and they completed the trades. He is scammig them Screenshot_20181226-021250_Gameflip

More people do it


just one guy buddy, he make a lot of clone and buff rates, then sell cheap price to scam buyers, many people has been scammed, and gameflip don’t do anything to resolve!

Gameflip is sleeping more scam happened

We have banned this user, if you did not complete the transaction there should be no problems in getting a refund.

Hello Tali,

I request a ticket for support in gameflip zendesk. Can you check mine. Need to cancel purchase i dont receive my steam gift card that i bought. Already waiting for 2-3 days.

My invite code TU4K4T
Order id ca95cf62-5db1-467d-947c-913b228ece35.

@Tali more scammer like 2 accounts few hours ago

he ask buyers to rate him and write their email to get the code after

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Suspended this user.