Selling a Starbucks gift card buyer emptied the card and then disputed it


I have a “New” buyer who zeroed out a Starbucks card by transferring it to a different card. I have the transaction details of it. He knows what he is doing and could scam new sellers who don’t know all the tricks of Starbucks cards. I will provided the name and evidence.
Order number: 22fef6bd-e044-466d-a263-24248b77eac0




Reported.Everyone should report the profile so mods can see quick.



Thanks for reporting, I’ll investigate this and take any necessary action.



Hello, since the dispute isn’t escalated yet, can you please ask the buyer to send you his Starbucks history?

Ping me via PM when he responds so I can continue to investigate this further.



Hey I have the history


I got him to escalate