starbucks card scammer

my friend sent me these pictures of a scammer selling fake starbucks cards
my friends code is PQVT2V

So Starbucks cards you have to have a pin he selling Starbucks cards without a pin and telling people to go onto an app to use them but I called Starbucks and they’re on a different account so the person that owns the account can move the funds at anytime they want to so actually he doesn’t even on the cards

so I can’t move the $$$ off the cards and they are linked to someone else’s account so he doesn’t own the cards he is selling

heres the order id
and hes profile

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Create a ticket here
Send all evidence you have to Gameflip support.


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I want people to understand the risk of getting Starbucks cards they can be easily stolen or frauded. And in this case the card is under someone’s account and he doesn’t even own the card and his “Supplier” won’t or does not have the pin either. And when it’s on another account that person owns it. And the person who owns it can move the funds off the card no problem and the person who bought it can’t prove anything cause the pin is required to get history info from it to prove. If you buy Starbucks card you need to have a Starbucks account and you own card to move the funds to cause I have had funds that I bought they were later moved off the cards that were on my account cause the seller still had all the info he needed to move the funds. So my point is be safe and be smart cause Starbucks cards are easy to steal back after you buy or frauded or stolen.

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I did file in all areas but this need to be a lesson for people who just don’t know. I bought from him before and had this issue I don’t read the original post cause everyone provides the pin cause using the Starbucks app make way more since. And also shows that you own that card.