starbucks listing getting flooded with non legit gift cards

Hey guys recently the starbucks section has been getting spammed with listings that dont include the PIN and they want you to just enter the number. A lot of these cards are cracked and are not legit please do something because the sellers are making a killing even if its 50% off.

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Hello @Diran00,

Thanks for the report!

We are currently looking into this issue :wink:

If you have anything else to report, please feel free.

Thanks again!

God Speed! :trident:

We are removing these listings and sending warnings to the sellers. Starbucks cards must include PIN’s to be sold in the marketplace. Thanks!

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Yo, there are still posts… You guys need to not let them post. Also, starbucks has revoked all my fift cards ive purchased since jan1st to Jan 23rd. That stocard app is not true its the same thing they are selling someone else’s 16 digit code to us.

to much seller still post starbuck no pin , pls remove it , Thks @DarkKnight

do not purchase starbucks gift cards from sellers who write in the listing that you have to use a third party app to redeem it

Also, there is a report button on every listing on Gameflip, use it.

If you made a purchase and it was revoked or you are having any other problem, contact Gameflip here and supply all the evidence you have:


Thank you for helping! I think the sellers made new accounts or disregarded the warning though, there is many more listings like these again.

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I really think there needs to be a better verification system. For most gift cards, the seller needs to submit identification to be able to sell but not all. I think it should be applied to ALL gift card types OR at least add that to gift card types that have been repeatedly suffer from these type of issues. This way, people can’t just make new accounts to keep selling like this because their identity would be flagged for past scams/fraud.


ID verification is already required for all types of gift cards.