i'm selling discounted Starbucks gift cards

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I’m selling Starbucks gift cards :coffee: and I want to do some bulk listings if someone is interested please let me know, I listed $500 worth of Starbucks in one listing and no one is buying :thinking: lol so, I re-listed them separately and sold them all but I want also big purchases to accelerate my sales.

All my gift cards are 100% legit from trusted sources, they all come with code/pin, accurate balance, no expiration date and will never get used, i have $10 and $20 denominations, if you are looking for bulk listings or have any question, feel free to comment and i’ll assist you .

:warning: Also i want to remind all Gameflip users and Admins that all “Pinless” Starbucks gift cards are stolen from cracked accounts (barcode) and can get used or canceled at anytime.

Thank you. :grin:

Just came across your post. You still selling starbucks? What’s your typical percentage off?

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Yes, i’ll get $900 in $20s Starbucks giftcards within the next few days , i’m selling 35% off. All my codes come with pin and will never expire. Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you :smiley:.

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Give me your store bro

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I’ll keep an eye out. I buy Starbucks cards with pin and that can be transferred to another card. I only buy 35% or better… 38% has been a sweet spot recently… Auto delivery and USD.

Hello, i have 39x$20 Starbucks gcs in stock

Hi we’re can I buy your giftcard from

I would love to buy. Can I have a link?

Is it still available? I would like to buy them