Scammer alert need to be banned

Have a person selling a Starbucks card that can not be added to personal account which means it’s owned by someone else. These cards can be used by another person if it can not go onto the buyers personal account. Scamming of these types of cards are very high and this should be taken down ASAP!

It says “can register”, so it’s fine. Anyway, I bought one of his listing since it’s a good deal, and it works out just fine. I was able to load it into my app and transfer to main card. The guy is legit!

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Look at first pic I posted description at bottom of it it says it can not be the second one is to show profle

This was his description word for word

And why are you getting involved anyway? Are you the seller or the buyer? Your approval of someone doesn’t mean they didn’t sell an invalid product, you can just as easily be the seller on an alt.

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He is a very trusted user from the markeplace being around here helping others for a long time.

There is no need to be rude here since he just gave his opinion on the subject.

Next time, your account might get suspended for a period of time here due to this behaviour of yours.

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