Card I bought ended up to be fraud

I just bought a Starbucks card yesterday. And the card ended up being a fraud and since I added it to my personal card they closed my card and took all $400+ funds with it. I have called Starbucks and reported it to them to see if they could get my card reinstated. But there is a chance that they won’t. I am now hesitant on buying cause I just lost a good amount of my personal money cause of this. I don’t know what to do I have created a ticket and I want to see if you can really look into this cause I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. My code is PQVT2V and the order id was 955e47f4-c83b-4714-8f4c-327f39f9335e and I’ll add the person I bought it from and the photos of the card I bought that got closed and my card that is $0. The card I bought will say invalid card# or pin cause it’s closed and not a valid card no more and mine says cant get card balance information cause it is too closed out. Thanks for the help in the past and I hope this one can get solved as well . I can PM you @DunnBiscuit with the Starbucks case numbers if you need me too.




for this case you need to create a ticket to the support team, also, send the support team all the information you have about this issue:

Thank you.

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I have done so just taking forever for reply’s I would rly like to get action cause I lost a lot of money here

Hello , i got suspended for apparent fruad when the only thing i had done is failed my card verification, it said to block out the numbers with fingers and only show last 4 digits , which i did… i would like to know how long my suspension will last for / If i can get unbanned , as i have done nothing fraud related my code is 6Y31GJ please check it out please and thank you!

Your account was suspended due to being an alternate account from an already suspended one.
The other account was suspended due to asking users to rate first before sending the item sold.

Unfortunately I can’t help you further here.

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