Buyer scammed me for Giftcards

Hey, this is my first time here, but I had recently sold my first Steam Giftcard to a buyer who had pretty good rating. He purchased my giftcard and all went well until he opened a dispute telling me to cancel the order as apparently AUD steam gift cards did not work on US servers. He also sent me a screenshot saying that the code has been redeemed (which i reckon he redeemed it already as the giftcard had been recently scratched) I myself am not a gamer and I didnt know how Steam works so I cancelled it apologizing to him. I only wanted to sell the one giftcard that I got as a birthday gift. After some research it turned out that AUD cards do work internationally, so now I am very disappointed and regretful.

Do you guys think I’ll be able to get the money that he owes me. Ive recently requested support from gameflip so I’m still waiting? Any suggestions? Thank you

My Page/Profile: VY8TX3
Buyer/Scammer Profile:

Now i’m waiting on support from Steam and Gamefilp. I will update ASAP

Contact Steam Support and have them look into the details of the card. They should be able to tell you when it was redeemed, the time and the general location. Make sure you explain to them your situation and tell them it is for a case so they will be more willing to provide you with details information. You shouldn’t have cancelled the transaction and contact Gameflip right away. Since you released the money back to him, there isn’t much that can be done, but if it is proven that he did use it and claimed it didn’t work, he is a scammer and will be suspended.

While you wait for a Gameflip moderator to review your situation, please provide your invite code, found on your profile page, so that it expedites this process and they can locate your account right away.

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Yup Im still waiting. Already provided my invite code. Yeah this is my first time ever selling anytime so I wasnt quite sure what to do. If he is proven to have used it, are there any possible methods of me getting my money back (maybe if i can contact him again and sell the same card without him knowing with Gameflip’s consent of course).

Oh, my bad. You did provide your invite code already. Good jobb!

You should always learn how something works and ask questions before selling and in your case cancelling something. Gameflip uses an escrow system for payments. When the buyer purchased the code from you, Gameflip merely holds on to the money. When a buyer rates you and you rate them, the money is then released to you. When you cancelled the transaction, you released it from being held and the money went back to the buyer. Right now the best thing to do is get in touch with Steam. If they have a live customer service chat, explain your situation to them and have them tell you through the chat when the code was used and where it was redeemed. Screenshot it and provide it to Gameflip as evidence. If they don’t have live chat, email them and have them provide proof of when the code was used and where it was redeemed. Gameflip can use this info to match it up with the buyer’s location and nail them.

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Aah thank you so much ModernRetro. I’ll get back asap

Managed to talk to him. His reasoning seems fake, I did some research and none of them seem true. Just waiting for Steam now

Ok Got the time and date it was redeemed. Now I’m waiting for location, but if the location was different from his, it could’ve been the fact that he hadn’t sold the code to someone else.

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PST would be pacific standard time. What time zone are you in? People can put any location they want. Only Gameflip will know their true location with their information. Hopefully steam can provide you with the city and/or state it was used in. That will help narrow and pinpoint this problem much faster.

I find it very ODD he told you to cancel the transaction right away. The fact that you listened is disappointing. He claims it didn’t work for him because it was used in China. How did he find out it was used in China? Ask Steam if this was used in China or if he made that up.

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.Alright, will do. I live in Australia’s EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Hey, do you mind sending all the evidence you have gathered via the ticket you created?
Then tag me here, so I can check it and answer you properly after further investigation.


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Alright I’ve managed to catch him as he decided to purchase my bait listing for now, and that listing is on hold. I’ve got quite a number of evidence but now I’m waiting for Steam to provide me with a general location of use.


@DunnBiscuit @ModernRetro unfortunately Steam is unable to provide location due to privacy unless if it’s for the law or court.

If this information is so private, how did the buyer know it “was used in China?” Sounds like there is a hole in his lie. :thinking:

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@ModernRetro yes just as I thought. This is actually some fun detective work, trying to catch a scammer. Steam also doesn’t provide a phone helpline, so there’s no way he would’ve called Steam. @DunnBiscuit

Aaah, I managed to catch him on one of my listings so he could actually pay me for the Giftcard he stole but now Gameflip cancelled his transaction! @ModernRetro @DunnBiscuit