Gameflip scammed me? Please help!

Hello, I recently sold two gift cards on Gameflip. An amazon giftcard and a subway giftcard. I have $27.90 funds available but can’t withdraw. Now I contacted support and you told me it was because I sold something not supported or whatever. So I’m thinking it’s bexause I sold the subway giftcard since there’s a lot of people selling amazon gift cards. I don’t think this is fair and I’d atleast like my amazon cash back. This is a scam and not fair to me. I was never notified that I couldn’t sell a subway giftcard so fix your god damn website and get me my money back.

I played rocket league for almost a year and last week I sold all my stuff getting over 1,300$ and the next day as soon as I tried to get the money out of my account these thieving bastards suspend my account and won’t even let me get into my account on the app. THIS IS BULLSH*T!!! I have emailed u guys 3 times over a week period without a reply. GIVE ME MY MONEY! Do you guys think I’m joking when I saw I need this money to survive and live on… Food, water, and to keep a roof over my head. I got fired from my job 2 months ago and have been going threw probably the hardest patch of my life for myself and my son. And YOU PEOPLE HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT SCREW ME OVER REPEATEDLY! I have seen u guys MULTIPLE times grant a user a 24 hour period to get the funds out of their account during a suspension. Even though none of those accounts had anywhere near how much money I have in my wallet. However you guys won’t even give me a reply back. This is so outrageous and sickening I cannot stand it. NOW IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT EVERY PERSON WHEN THEY LOOK UP GAMEFLIP TO READ THIS COMPLAINT AND IMMEDIATLY BE TURNED AWAY. It is a miracle u guys still have a website after all the BS that you do to your users behind the scenes. IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR STUFF IN ANY GAME BE PREPARED FOR GAMEFLIP TO STEAL YOUR MONEY WHILE YOUR SLEEPING AND WAKE UP TO A SUSPENEDED ACCOUNT YOU CANT EVEN GET IN! Gameflip give me my damn money this is not a joke and if u wish to keep dodging my complaints I will only turn up the intensity. For the third time my accounts email is: and username: nolanrogers14. I will never understand why you would treat a formerly faithful dedicated game flip user so terribly to say the least. Especially when I guarantee I have made you more money than what I had in my account. So answer this… Why do I not get my profits from the pie when I baked it and sold it!?! I beg you hear what I’m saying because now you have turned me into your #1 hater. Grant me the 24 hour period or for starters… I will personally make it my mission that every single person I come into contact with hears the horrors of what you have done to me and never downloads your app. Also this will not even be close to my last complaint filed. I cannot imagine this is what you want and there is only one way to stop me. GET ME MY 1300$ BACK!

Sir, I’m sending you a PM about the case.

So it takes a huge paragraph of BS for a reply from a leader and actually get noticed ???!! Still waiting for my money to be available ffs!! Scammed me out of 80$ ignoring my emails over how i get my money! This website is the biggest scam ive ever come across