PUBG scammer currently scamming dozens of people per hour

I was looking to purchase a particular skin that can be unlocked via a digital code for PUBG off here (first time buyer) and found a good deal and also a seller that had lots of good reputation

Little did I know, this was some elaborate scam that the seller has made in order to avoid reports and false claims. The seller requires people to ‘rate first due to influx of scammers’ and then the code will be sent after

Only the issue here is after some research, you can’t message the seller once you rate the seller and to rate the seller, you must confirm the delivery to which I’m sure GameFlip can’t do anything on their end to recover the transaction

The worst thing of all, the seller will block you right after to avoid comments of scam warnings

The seller’s ID this:

Trusted “PUBG” Code Seller✔️
(also using a stolen image of a person from google images)

My invite code is: BZ6XX5

proof of purchase with no code given:

My rating as P D(as required from the seller before code being ‘sent’)

Will give transaction ID of purchase for a mod if they require it. I have already reported this seller and provided proof of images

I only want this seller to be stopped as soon as possible to take advantage of many more new buyers and users of GameFlip. I seriously will be consider contacting the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if appropriate action is not taken against the seller within the week by GameFlip

Yes i have noticed this too. Just by looking at his selling history he has scammed OVER 1500$ in total but admins and mods don’t seem to give a damn about it. I get it not many people Don’t read the guaranteed return policy but how is this guy still not banned?

By the way he isn’t the only one doing this. There are multiple people scamming for PGI Title Sets right now. ADMINS do something!!!

Since GameFlip can’t do anything about refunds I’m assuming, I wonder if PayPal will honor the dispute

Doesn’t mean it’s about PayPal dude. He has the money in his account, he can just buy some giftcards and then resell them or anything like that. It’s just the fact that he still keeps scamming people and admins are doing absolutely nothing about this. Where is everyone? MODS, Admins? how is this ■■■■ still happening. i know its these new peoples faults for not checking the policy but come on. at least ban this guy so he can’t scam anymore users

I just realized I can’t dispute with PayPal since I withdrew it to add onto my GameFlip Wallet instead of purchasing the ‘digital code’ directly.

For about $40 down the drain, I now know better not to use GameFlip in the future and warn others about it. I only want this scammer to be stopped ASAP

Does this scam seller also somehow generate funds for GameFlip by any chance?

pd02 don’t mean to be rude or offensive, but this is your fault as well - it could have been any other seller on the site, if you go to “return policy” when you buy the item you can clearly see all the rules and it includes the rule about rating. Never rate someone before you have received your product.

True I read that as well. But given the vast amount of good ratings this seller has with barely any complaint you think otherwise especially if the seller is saying ‘due to influx of scammers’

I’ve sold codes before so I understand, however there was nothing in the rules that I saw saying you no longer could reply back to the seller after giving them a rating, to which I was blocked right after the purchase was made from the seller/scammer. A big part of buying/selling digital codes is also the risk factor. So far, this is my first purchase were I actually was (or feel like) I was duped and unfortunately that happened on GameFlip.

By the way, there still are people being scammed by this person as of this posting

I agree completely, gameflip should either start banning these scammers or at least get the system so people can’t get scammed anymore. This is ridiculous.

I will be filing a negative complaint/review with the BBB Better Business Bureau if this is not resolved.

You may also file a complaint via BBB Better Business Bureau if you feel you are not being assisted by GameFlip. The BBB will take action in due time forcing GameFlip to do so in a timely manner.

Not surprisingly, they already have been logged onto the website for complaints, and no positive reviews

I’ve noticed that GameFlip does indeed refund scam victims even after they fell victim to the whole ‘rate first before I send code’ scam.

Hopefully this is good news and that users like me may be refunded actually.

Still hoping a moderator addresses this personally on this thread however

It’s not just about the whole refund thing, but the fact that this guy has been scamming people for 10+ hours still amazes me.

To be fair, I’m sure most of it was during the weekend period, so people haven’t caught on during the early weekdays, and I’ve heard moderators don’t check things during the weekend.

Here is more proof of others getting scammed by this same seller

Apparently the seller either changed account, was suspended or deleted account.

Trusted “PUBG” Code Seller✔️ - Gameflip

The seller’s scam listings are still available however for documentation:

Really disappointing after this scammer made out with over $2000+ from buyers. What’s going to happen now? Suspend this scammer so they could make another account under another name? What is GameFlip going to do to recoup for the scam victims once they start filing complaints to the BBB?

Over 500+ people who got scammed and who rated by the way

This scammer has been banned. Moderators were off for the weekend. Sadly, these new buyers fall for too-good-to-be-true deals like this and don’t bother to read the rules. They then blame Gameflip for this :confused:

We read the rules.

Apparently GameFlip didn’t mention you no longer could message the sellers once you marked items as delivered.

This seller had over 500+ good rating with barely any negative rating. We weren’t born yesterday, I also know the risks of buying/selling digital codes

You knew how it worked and you still rated first? I checked the seller yesterday and it was fairly obvious what they were doing… They quit Gameflip a month ago and either realized this scam or were hacked. All of their recent ratings were from them scamming people asking them to rate first, and their withdrawing of items. Gameflip does their best to immediately take care of these sellers, but they are all humans.

If it was fairly obvious, why would you think GameFlip would of allowed them to get scammed over 500 times since May 21st?

If it was fairly obvious, the sheer amount of negative ratings would of clued me in, or the lack of ratings and join date.

You think first time users of GameFlip would know about ‘rate first before delivery because of influx of scammers’ scams? I’m a seller myself and that logic would make sense due to the fact there are scam buyers who claim the code didn’t work when it did but want refunds

The majority of the good reviews were left blank. How does that help us determine if this is a scam or not if users are unable to message or rate again after finalizing the transfer (to which you must do in order to give a rating)

The PGI Ringside/Title sets are limited exclusive digital codes that came out just recently by the way. These aren’t run of the mill steam cards or CS:GO rare skins.

These were given away at mass amounts to certain people who ended up selling them at varying price ranges between $40-100 USD

( I reached my post limit )

This is the image I captured of the seller. Look at the rating

437 rating

Now after over 12 hours+, it’s up to 561

That is clearly more than 10 people from what you could see.

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson. I do take fault for first time mistake. I also know now not to use GameFlip in the future and warn others about how imperfect it is

How could it be made more clear that you aren’t supposed to rate it until the item is delivered? I’m pretty sure there is a pop up that says you can no longer dispute the transaction or anything once it’s complete.

You talk about knowing the risks of buying and selling digital codes, but have fallen for one of the oldest scams in the book all while ignoring messages telling you not to do so. It’s not an “elaborate scam” as you describe it. The profile is beyond sketchy (because all good sellers are focused on advertising how trusted they are lol). You then say you weren’t born yesterday but act like a child encouraging others to avoid the site and report them to the BBB because you foolishly fell to victim to the simplest scam in the book. The site works perfectly if you don’t ignore all the warning messages. Should we have 10 pop ups to go through before finalizing a transaction? Maybe an hour long video with a test you have to pass before you are allowed to buy and sell? Does the site need even more language options? Perhaps 24/7 chat support to walk every user through each purchase. Even if they couldn’t block you and you could spam them with a thousand messages how would that fix anything? You could have fallen for this on eBay, Steam forums, or even Twitch chat (Ninja used to ban scammers for this during the H1Z1 limited code days).

Also, they are constantly working on their transaction and rating system and adjusting it. Just recently they updated all the seller options for cancellation to protect sellers and their ratings as well as give them the option to cancel more quickly for buyers who are unable or no longer wish to purchase the item. In the past they have added multiple warnings (that you ignored) to help prevent the scam you fell for and make it very clear the transaction will be finished after you rate the seller. This is wonderful as sellers don’t have to worry about chargebacks for 180 days (like eBay) as long as they deliver the item on time and as described. It also closes a myriad of scam options making it one of the safest places online to sell a variety of items.

With over 12k transactions on here and hundreds of thousands elsewhere I look at you and have to say you are pretty clueless @pd02 That’s ok. We all have to start somewhere and everyone has been scammed at some point, but Gameflip isn’t to blame for your mistake. Now you know that you should never send or rate someone until they have actually delivered the item (this applies anywhere online) or have done research and trust the source. It’s not uncommon for people to sell or buy large amounts of cheap items just to pad rating and go for a big scam later. (If you ever sell codes on eBay you’ll run into people buying just for the rating.) Just a heads up for the future since “that logic would make sense,” asking anyone to rate before sending for any reason is a bannable offense and also something a seller that understood the dispute process would never think is necessary.

  1. They’ve only been scamming the past few days, during the weekend while the moderators were away. From what I saw, they only scammed around 10 people. Not 500.
  2. Sadly, no. Because they don’t read. The logic doesn’t make sense however if they had taken the 10 minutes to do so. Sellers can easily win disputes with proof.
  3. The reason you can’t rate again is because the transaction is meant to be over. And it is. You shouldn’t need to rate again after the fact.
  4. I’m aware of what these codes are.
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