PUBG title skin scam?

When buying the code for this item it was an auto delivery. After opening the game to enter code it said it has already been redeemed and I made sure that it wasn’t in my inventory or unopened crates. When contacting seller he asked if I had video from buying to entering code. When I told him that I did have a video he then responded with the gameflip policy about "All items purchased are exactly as described and there are no returns and items do not fall under the Gameflip Buyer Guarantee. Does this mean I was scammed and lost my money?

Do not rate him. If you have a video, then you can easily win a dispute.

i have the same problem with you. I bought pubg title skin code too and seller gave me a code which has already been redeemed. What was your seller’s name ?

Waiting for gameflip to review the issue, but check PM @Onur_KILIC

Remember not to cancel/close/resolve the dispute or your purchase will finalize and you cannot get a refund. Like you said, please wait for Gameflip to review it.

Thank you for the replies. Gameflip has resolved this issues. Out of 6 attempts so far from different sellers all have been scams sadly and not just the cheaper side of the sellers. There is one person who is trying to sell the title set codes “used” keys which while hiding the fact in a massive description.

All these title sets here are scams. Very few title set keys actually exist as far as I know.

im happy that you solved the issue.I think gameflip should remove those pubg items

the actual ones that are real are the ones with Auto Delivery and price over 40$

There are likely a few legit ones. Sadly 100s of scammers have flocked to these so I would not advise buying any.

Can you tell me trusted seller for pubg skin ?


Google Translate:

i got from two sellers as well scammed i open dispute with both of them . and both PGI bought with 44$ . each

Out of 6 sellers all of them have been scams. Prices ranged from 20.99 to 50 usd. Like quickdontdie said I would avoid these codes from here for now.

Right now if you had a reddit account you can enter on the pubg main reddit page they are doing a giveaway of 900 title sets and 2000 ringside sets the drawing ends in 2 days.


We suspended most if not all of these scammers.

If you see any of those hanging around, let me know.


Here you go:

Check other threads for proof :slight_smile:

Thanks for suspending those accounts, but Steam games section is still flooded with these PUBG items (99% scams).

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Indeed… Here are the most annoying ones. No proof if they’re scamming thus far, but they keep copying/pasting the same offer a million times

Let me know if listing them here helps at all, please :slight_smile:

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i sold a code for pubg pgi title crate. in my notifications it says the code sent to the buyer but i didnt get my money and it says i have to wait to them to confirm. should i wait 3 days to get my money if they dont confirm in that time or am i scammed?