Obvious SCAMMER! Please take an action.

Ok, I just searching a skin code on PUBG In-game section and I stumbled upon this seller:
His listing is mainly for PUBG LITE, and I can confirm that the skins that he listed are fake skins! Almost all the skins are Fanmade and never made to the game.
I’m 100% sure because I’m a PUBG skins collector (PUBG STEAM & PUBG LITE)

Do you want more proof? Take a look at his rating section. There are a lot of people complaining that they never receive the skins.

I just hope Gameflip would take action against this kind of seller. It’s sad to see the customers get scammed like this.


Another proof:
Take a look at this listing https://gameflip.com/item/pubg-fazeclan-m4/aabb69cf-9e22-483e-b378-e8b64c19b5e3

Here is the original artist who made concept: https://twitter.com/JZeugnimod/status/1162411326829924359

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