Anyone knows how soon the officers deal with the situation of purchasing faked code?

I was trying to get some pubg skins.
But I placed two orders. all of them sent me the fake code and tried to ask to rate them as a good seller.
and they’re saying they will send me the real code after I rate them.
I said like: if you don’t send me the real code now, I will rate you as bad sellers and ask for refund.

links above.
I don’t get it,
why ppl is trying to lie to buyers on a legit platform?
and how soon will the officers can deal with the situation.?

Hey there, please don’t rate sellers if they ask you to rate them to receive something, this is a scam. Instead open a dispute and leave your invite code and order ID in this thread, thanks. Moderators will respond within a few days.

Your links can only be viewed by you (the “exchange_buyer”). The URL contains the transaction/order ID so the moderators can use that to look up the transaction. But if you want to warn other forum users of the scammer then please post that user’s profile URL.