Possible scammer

Hello i bought a skin for pubg its currently out for delivery and the guy selling told me to rate him before giving me the code. I haven’t rated him yet and i am suspicious that he might be trying to scam me is there any way to get my money back since i haven’t rated him and it says that its out for delivery or whatever.

Heres the text chat between me and him


Yeah don’t rate him, or anyone for that matter until you are sure you have the item in your possession. Anyone asking to rate first gets suspended. Leave your invite code and the Order ID so moderators can help you further.

I got the same problem too ,bro
This liar must be reported!

Here is my Invite Code: XTH8QQ
Order Number: fff3bd27-e29b-4b5d-9cd0-3141fca0873a

Can i get a Moderator to help pls

can someone please help me out dont want this to be terminated in 3 days or something

If you have it opened for review keep it like that. Nothing will happen with the transaction until it has been reviewed.

The Moderators aren’t ignoring you, they do not work on weekends and the earliest response you are likely to get in this matter is tomorrow/Monday.

How do i know if its open for review

If you are asking this then you probably haven’t disputed this transaction.

Do not rate the seller / complete the transaction and follow this guide within 3 days of purchasing.

Do not close the dispute until it has been reviewed by Gameflip.

Its a coordinated transfer so how to I complete the transaction without rating

I only deal with Instant-Sales but I assume the same rules apply.

If a Buyer/Seller does not rate within 3 days then the transfer is automatically completed after 3 days and the Seller is automatically provided a Positive Rating.

You should be disputing the transaction to put this clock on a hold. However, if you remove the dispute after 3 days it will automatically complete the sale and provide the Seller with a Positive Rating.

Since its not complete I don’t know how to dispute it

This is the guy, if anyone wants to block him (he keeps changing his nickname).

And what’s with all those PUBG items spamming new Steam games? Is that by rules?

The seller hasnt sent the item so what do i do

Scenario A:
You buy the item -> Seller marks item as delivered but doesn’t deliver anything -> You open a dispute and wait until Gameflip resolves it. If you close the dispute then it will finalize the purchase and you will not get a refund.

Scenario B:
You buy the item -> Seller doesn’t do anything -> You wait until the “Deliver in X days” is past and cancel the order.

Hello! As I checked, the transaction was cancelled and the user reported was suspended.