I got scammed. Can any mods help?

Basically i wanted to buy PUBG to play with friends. I saw a listing for 17 dollars and thought it was too good but i have checked and it says that Gameflip isn’t a scam. So i bought it and it ended up not even being a game code. It says that i need to activate the game first so that’s obviously showing that its a scam. I made a support ticket and they said since I rated the guy I can’t get a working code which makes no sense. Since I thought I was supposed to rate them for a code so I did and now i can’t get a usable code. Can anyone help with this?

Reading the rules, paying attention and understanding how something actually works is much more important than what you “think”. Before you rate, there are messages that tell you not to rate unless you have received the item and confirmed it to be working. Even after you hit the rate button, there is second window that pops up with another warning message to remind you that you shouldn’t rate and that once you do, you release your money to the seller and that is final. How did you manage to bypass and ignore all of that?

You did it to yourself.

I looked on the PUBG Steam page and I don’t see any DLC for it, so this code that you got, what game or DLC does it say that it is for?

it doesn’t say i guess the guy just made some new account and sold some 1 dollar dlc code i guess