this guy bought my code and open dispute ,he is scamer

this is my gameflip link.
Order ID
the buyer bought a pubg skin code from me ,after he get code ,he open dispute
l asked pubg for the redeem time, this code was redeemed at
07/01/2020 07:10:12 hkt
the buyer get this code at 07/01/2020 07:08 hkt
he redeemed my code and open dispute,he is scamer ,please ban this guy account!
after l send him redeem time , this guy close dispute immediately, this scamer is afraid of his account get banned ! though he complete the order but he give me a poor rate ,l cant accept this ■■■■ happen to me .this guy is scamer ,when he found that he cant scam code from me ,he choose give me a poor rate , so terrible ! so awful.!please help me delete the poor rate and ban this scamer account!
l am a top seller on gameflip , you can check my sale last month l sold 20000$ on gameflip last month, and this pubg skin code (Peace on Earth - Kar98k), l have sold more than 50 codes on gameflip all of them worked! l cant accept this poor rate , it will influence my business,please help me .more important, please ban this scamer account! l hope all the scamers in this world die !

Hello @PYfantasy,

Sorry for the wait.

I have verified this case and can see that the dispute was completed.

For this reason I have removed the negative rating on this order.

Have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident: